Drone services:

I’ve been flying a drone since 2014 and have upgraded every year. Currently flying a Mavic Air 2s. In September 2017 I acquired my FAA Part 107 Drone pilots license. We have flown many commercial flights throughout the country. We travel all over the country and abroad. Take a few minutes to view our Drone demo from 201620172018, 2019, 2020. I am committed to providing quality affordable drone services.

We DO NOT repair or sale drones. We can offer over the phone consultations for a small fee of $25. We also can teach you about and how to fly your drone safely & properly. We can also assist with the editing process of your photos & videos.

Youtube Stock Drone footage channel

Drone Real Estate Gallery

Please take a look at our extensive portfolio of photos and videos on our Instagram account http://instagram.com/droneeverything  or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/droneeverything Please keep in mind IG and FB decreases the resolution and does not represent the high quality video and photos you will receive.

Low cost Drone Real Estate video

An example of a low cost home with b-roll footage of the surrounding area to give the home more appeal for faster sales.Car Drone videos

We can set up shoots with your car at unique and eye appealing locations.

Drone footage used in Real Estate videos