Give your Parent or Grandparent the gift of a lifetime by capturing their Life Story, Family History & Memories in a Legacy Video for your family to know and cherish!    

Legacy videos can focus on one person, a special couple or even on the history of a family business. Legacy videos include: Video Biographies, Anniversary Videos, Video Tributes, Family History Videos, Heirloom Videos & more. Up to one hour interview of you or your loved one documenting their entire life. Including photos & videos, researching & gathering content.

Full package


Gold Package $750

  • A 1 hour sit down interview with your parent or grandparent, touching on their memories of the family history with a more in-depth review of their life story – from early childhood up to the present day. The Interview footage is then skillfully edited into a captivating 1 hour video memoir.
  • Family photos, documents, maps, B-roll etc. are added in throughout as they speak about it.
  • Intense research for additional images ie. a childhood home, grade school, church, cars, family
  • Titles, graphics & music are added throughout. (non copyrighted music must be used)
  • Include other family members in the video interview together
  • Drone their home, town & important spots near their homes.
  • Host online for life.

Silver Package $500

  • Interview footage is skillfully edited into a captivating 1 hour video memoir.
  • Family photos, documents, maps, B-roll and more are added in throughout.
  • Light research for additional images (ie. a childhood home, grade school, church, etc).
  • Titles, graphics & music are added throughout. (non copyrighted music must be used)
  • Host online for life.

Bronze Package $300

We will shot a 30 minute interview with your parent or grandparent, touching on their memories of the family history and is shorter condensed review of their life story – from early childhood up to the present day. NO photos, research or graphics added.

All Interviews should take about an hour or 2. We would like to shoot at their homes or your home with a nice homely, family looking background. Here is a timeline and suggested questions and topics to go over before your interview. Inquire about our Platinium package

  • Time line (suggested) *
  • your birth: date, hospital etc *
  • spiritual milestones such as bar/bat mitzvah, Confirmation, or religious event *
  • graduating (high school, college, graduate school)
  • moving to a new city or country * Siblings/relatives *
  • marriage
  • divorce (hope not)
  • becoming a parent
  • becoming a grandparent
  • becoming a citizen
  • losing a parent
  • becoming a caregiver for a family member or loved one
  • Important 1st first job, first car, favorite car, first love, first home, first time you traveled outside the count, first time you failed, first road trip, first time you lost someone you loved.
  • Where were you when: Historical events 911, Space Shuttle disaster, etc. Leadership changes Technology Events TV, Computer, light bulb (just kidding 🙂
  • What were you like in high school?
  • Who inspired you the most growing up?
  • What was the best trip of your life?
  • What was the biggest “fork” in the road in your life?
  • Where is the favorite place you have lived?
  • When did you know you wanted to marry my mom/dad?
  • How did you meet. What did you do?
  • What’s the biggest thing that’s changed since your childhood?
  • What was the most important thing your parents taught you?
  • What historical events surprised you?
  • What would be the theme song of your life?
  • What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  • If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
  • If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on first?
  • What’s your best childhood memory? How do you want to be remembered?
  • Where did you hide ALL the money (again just kidding 🙂

I need: Addresses for all your homes, schools, jobs etc. Compile all photos you want in the video. I can scan and retouch/enhance photos for an added charge. For the Big & medium package.

Photo Retouching


We can take all your pictures you want scan, retouch & digitize them, so you won’t have to worry about the photos degrading, getting lost or destroyed. The charge will be depending on the amount of photos and their degradation.

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What is a Legacy Video?
Is a video that captures a parent, grandparent or multiple family members sharing life stories, family history and memories for younger generations to watch share and keep forever. Woven together with family photos and other memorabilia, this beautiful “moving portrait” is a modern-day heirloom your family will treasure for generations to come.

My family member dabbles in video. Why should I use you?
While it’s ideal for a family member to record you sharing your memories, few have the equipment, skills and time needed to produce an heirloom high quality video with effects etc.

My father’s memory is fading. Will that be an issue?
Memories often resurface when the right questions are asked. For that reason many of our interview questions are designed to bring a person back to a specific time and place, i.e. “when was your first kiss”. This process of remembering often triggers memories that may otherwise have been lost.

Can I be in the room when my mother is interviewed?
Yes…though we generally recommend against it. I find people are easily distracted and more reserved when they know a family member is listening. Sometimes, a family member will sit in a nearby room where they can still hear our conversation but can’t be seen. Most times, though, it’s just myself and the person being interviewed.

What questions do you ask in an interview?
We will give you our list of standard questions to look over before the shoot date. We encourage families to let us know if there are specific questions they would like asked, topics we should focus on or even areas we should avoid.

Do you do genealogy?
No. Our focus is on capturing memories shared in one’s own words. A parent or grandparent’s stories often add a whole new dimension. A family tree graphic can be added.

What type of research do you do?
We often do light research for images that enhance a story, such as a photo of a parent’s childhood home or a school, church or temple they attended.

Do you use professional equipment?
Yes, I use professional video (4K video) Industry standard editing software (Final Cut Pro X)

Do we hear you asking questions in the movie?
It depends, the goal is to create an intimate viewing experience for the family so we try not to hear our voices in the end product. Editing techniques like use of photos, titles and more a parent or grandparent appears to be talking directly to the viewer.

Our family has a few memories that we prefer remain undisclosed. How do you handle those if they come out in an interview? 
Every family has a few bad memories and while some don’t mind them being part of family lore, others do. That’s completely up to you.

What should I wear for my interview?
Something comfortable. I typically frame the movie from the waist up.

My grandfather is in Iowa and you are in Chicago. Do you travel?
Yes, we will travel anywhere. It’s $500 a day plus all expenses.

How long have you been producing Legacy Videos?
We have been making & producing videos since 2000.