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Web Hosting

The location of my dedicated server for the past 15 years. Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas is a massive, six-story, 750,000 square foot data center and Internet exchange point in Miami, Florida, operated by Equinix.

The facility is home to 160 network carriers and is a pathway for data traffic from the Caribbean and South and Central America to more than 148 countries.

The NAP of the Americas is built 32 feet above sea level and is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane-level winds. It also serves as a relay for the United States Department of State’s Telecommunications Service.

Dedicated server hosting plans start at only $15 a month billed annually.

  • Dedicated and secure web server (only sites I host are on it)
  • Web maintenance and IT support
  • Personal consultation for web support and issues (call me directly, not a call center with a different person every time you call)
  • Mobile Apps & Web
  • Apache
  • 24hr managed hosting & support

What’s under the hood?

  • E3-2: Dual core Xeon 4 Cores 8 Threads
  • RAM: 16 GB ECC RAM
  • Operating System: CentOS 7
  • IP Addresses: /29: 3 Usable IPs (8 Total)
  • Network Uplinks: 1Gbe WAN, 1Gbe LAN
  • Drive RAID Configuration (up to 2 Drives)
  • RAID 1 Mirror (2 drives)
  • Drive Bay 1 & 2: 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA III Enterprise HDD
  • R1Soft Backups: 1 Terabyte
  • Support Plan DIAMOND: Advanced Support, Monitoring, Automatic Break-Fix Response, White Glove Move Assistance, System Patching, Ksplice Kernal Patching.
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 10000GB Transfer 10TB


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