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Built With Your Future In Mind. Zen 1 Michigan Data Center

The name “Zen” was not just about MojoHost’s “That’s Good Mojo” mantra or its yin-yang symbology; it also is meant to embody that its data center is to be “one with the world,” and that means hosting as power efficient as possible. These centers use enormous power to fuel the world’s data connectivity, so the solution is (obviously) to use less energy. However, that is different from what most companies do when they build data centers at scale. Focus is often on saving costs even though using today’s leading technology will save much more money (and the environment) long term.

Inside the multi-million dollar facility, you’ll find leading technology alongside “green choices.” When planning the facility, Earth-friendly decisions were made whenever possible and affordable. Instead of corrosive (and dangerous) batteries that need to be replaced in short lifetimes, MojoHost chose the environment by installing dual A and B side 250kVa flywheels with an aggregate of 1MW output (that’s 1 megawatt). Unlike other data centers, MojoHost chose APC 48U high-end cabinets. They are extra-wide and extra-deep, allowing for the most accessible cable management and best airflow.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly exterior redundant true A and B side water-glycol chilled water plants cool the data center at the rack level. These parallel units supply cold water and return hot water to every Motivair Chilled Door in the building. Hot air exhausted from servers is exchanged directly within the rear cabinet door, much like a refrigerator manifold with fans. Each cabinet door can cool 15kVa, so the “exhaust” from each is room temperature air. In a marvel of engineering – the MojoHost Zen1 data center has no hot spots.


Network connectivity is achieved through four separate dark fiber paths leaving the site. 800 Gigabit of total connectivity. Current connections are fully expandable; they include 100G to Lumen, 200G to Arelion, 200G to Cogent, 200G to GTT and 100G Peering DET-IX.

MojoHost owns and operates its own autonomous system number (ASN) 27589, which controls nearly 84,992 IP addresses. The Noction platform is utilized for intelligent management of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) performance. The platform manages real-time performance, identifying packet loss, internet black holes, and latency. Intelligent routing enables the MojoHost data center to make 40,000 route changes per day down to a /24 level, currently configured for performance only, it will move traffic from one carrier to another when it sees a latency improvement of 5ms or better, a black hole on the internet, or packet loss to any destination network.

Global Expansion

In 2015, MojoHost publicly announced its international expansion to the Netherlands, with its Netherlands data center in Haarlem and service through the MojoHost.eu web portal. Since then, the company has continued to work diligently on sustainable growth. Its choices have been strategic. When the company moved its hosting from Michigan to the Miami Equinix facility in 2006, it tapped into one of the most powerful data connections in the world, as all fiber for South America goes through that location. Similarly, its previous expansion to Europe improved connection speeds and value to customers. Now with the first data center of its own, MojoHost is building not only the future of the company but also for its customers (and the world) with a mighty and power-efficient data center that will lead us all into the future of premium hosting.

Security And Reliability

Nobody gets into MojoHost headquarters unless they are supposed to be there, meaning your data and business are safe. Not only does the facility house MojoHost’s corporate offices and physical hardware, but it also is the company’s Network Operations Center (NOC). Exterior windows in the office spaces have 3M coating to prevent a break-in. Dozens of cameras are deployed inside and outside. All external access points are protected by retinal scans and key cards, while secure internal areas are protected by various security measures, including additional biometrics (fingerprinting) and key card.

As a primary power customer, MojoHost owns two redundant 1.5-megawatt transformers to keep all the servers humming. Six 500kVa generators operate in parallel banks if things go badly, first drawing from on-site 4,000-gallon fuel storage. On its own, the data center can run fully unplugged for several days, giving ample time for contracted daily emergency re-fueling. Whether power is flowing through primary power, flywheel, or backup generators, power is deployed to all servers redundantly via Raritan switched/metered per outlet PDUs. There are additional options available to maximize power usage and reliability within each cabinet.

The engineering and design of both power and cooling considered many failure scenarios, guaranteeing exceptional uptime and management options in the face of a disaster or failure. The added 24-hour security service, front and rear “man-trap” entrances, and exterior equipment protected by razor wire atop 12-foot-high fences show that MojoHost hasn’t left anything to chance.

Brad Mitchell Owner of Mojo Host

Our other date center provider

Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas is a massive, six-story, 750,000 square foot data center and Internet exchange point in Miami, Florida, operated by Equinix.

The facility is home to 160 network carriers and is a pathway for data traffic from the Caribbean and South and Central America to more than 148 countries.

The NAP of the Americas is built 32 feet above sea level and is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane-level winds. It also serves as a relay for the United States Department of State’s Telecommunications Service. Seen below



Dedicated server hosting plans start at only $20 or $25 a month billed annually.

  • VPS Dedicated and secure web server (only sites I host are on it)
  • Web maintenance and IT support thru me
  • Personal consultation for web support and issues (call me directly, not a call center with a different person every time I call)
  • 24hr managed hosting & support

What’s under the hood?

  • 6 vCores using new AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU
  • 12 GB DDR5 EEC RAM
  • Operating System: CentOS Linux 6 and older
  • Platform Linux x86_64
  • Network Uplinks: 1Gbe WAN, 1Gbe LAN
  • Drive RAID Configuration (up to 2 Drives)
  • RAID 1 Mirror (2 drives)
  • 1250 GB Gen4 NVMe storage
  • R1Soft Backups: 1 Terabyte Off-server backups
  • Support Plan DIAMOND: Advanced Support, Monitoring, Automatic Break-Fix Response, White Glove Move Assistance, System Patching, Ksplice Kernal Patching.
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 10000GB Transfer 10TB