Horse Events

Our videos are very personalized, set to music you can select.

What we will provide

  • Intros shots of Equestrian center.
  • Interview the rider. Introduction, then I will provide a set on questions. (minus $50 without interview)
  • Meet the horse video of horse up close.
  • Drone/film rider and horse in paddock/stable area (when possible)
  • Film their individual runs.
  • Add photo of any awards to the end
  • Use 1 full song of your choice. 5 minute max
  • I will post online for riders to download

Pricing: $250 per rider. Discounts for multi riders & referrals


  • $60 drone footage when possible
  • $100 highlight edit with full song video purchase
  • $50 interview
  • $50 more special effects
  • $50 express delivery
  • $100 rider resume
  • $50 rider logo
  • $100 website with purchase of 1 yearly of hosting $200


March Speed Show Lake Helen Equestrian Center: E. Dempsey Watch video A. Dempsey Watch video L. Odell Watch video