Social media manager
$300 a month for 3 months
$250 a month for 6 months
$200 a month for 12 months
Your business will get 1 post, reel or story per day on their IG & FB , if they are linked together. You supply the content. Paid monthly 3, 6 or 12 month terms.

When you use our services. We will cross promote your business on a weekly basis on our Instagram & Facebook accounts.

Content Provider
$250 to come to your business to produce 2-3 moths video & photos.
$100 to drone anything ie. your business/home etc.
$25 for 30 sec. basic reels/videos ad.
$50 60 sec. basic Reels/video ad.
$250 90. fully edit promotional reel/video with text overlays, music and short voice overs.
Promotional video examples
Add ons:
$50 add interview
$100 add more filming & editing special effects
$100 express delivery

Other services:
$25 for basic ad design $100 Logo design, $100 digital resume design. Logo and Graphic design ad examples

Local rates above. Minimal travel charges will apply for outside our local tri county area. We will travel anywhere for $500 a day, plus ALL expenses. 

We shoot & edit ANY kind of videos Sports, Corporate, Promotional, Events, Parties, Legacy Videos
We are available for ANY type of photography

Our niche is which has 1000’s of videos to sample. Specializing in the sport of amateur/pro Supercross & Motocross since 2000

Website design hosting & management $350 1 time design fee for a CMS WordPress site. E-commerce sites start at $500 & up depending on the amount of products to be sold online
$100 to add old or existing content.
$20 a month for vps (virtual private server) hosting with unlimited space, bandwidth & emails. Paid yearly. 365 24/7 on demand customer service. Server information: Platform Linux, 6 CPU core AMD Ryzen, Memory 12 Gb, Storage NVMe HDD 2.44 TB with mirror backup. Where our server is hosted. & newest data center video. 

Established in 2000